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Specialized Services

AGTS MEP is a specialist in providing Plumbing services throughout Dubai. We create such kinds of systematic plumbing designs for residential projects, commercial projects, and buildings that are environmentally responsible, safe and comfortable for the occupants. The designing, drafting & installation work of plumbing is handled by our skilled team who have the sector-specific knowledge.
We at AGTS MEP prioritize to provide top-level services while keeping the cost minimum. Our customized solutions include a full line of plumbing services and drain services. Our various services such as hot & cold-water service, sewage water service, rainwater service, stormwater service, kitchen & bathroom water service, are carried out professionally and efficiently by our team of expert technicians.

Designing Drafting Installation

We aim to deliver designing, drafting and installation services that match to the needs of our customers. Whether you need customized plumbing services for residential projects, commercial projects, industrial projects or buildings, we are always ready to provide the best plumbing services across Dubai.

AGTS MEP team uses the latest designing software and the advanced equipment that enable them to complete any type of job within a specified time.

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AGTS MEP has been providing the best quality, affordable and high tech Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design & drafting services that meet the requirements of a fast-evolving world. Our experts are passionate about their work & to produce innovative ideas.

Mechanical HVAC

  • Design & Drafting
  • Maintenance
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Chilled Water Pipe Installation
  • Air Handler Equipment Installation
  • Chiller Plant Installation
  • Mechanical Room Chiller Water Pump Installation

Plumbing Service

  • Design & Drafting Service
  • Installation Service
  • Hot & Cold Water Service
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Water Service
  • Sewage Water Service
  • Rain Water Service
  • Stormwater Service

Electrical Service

  • HV & LV Design and Drafting
  • LV Service & Installation
  • Substation 11 kB & 32 kB Installation
  • HV Line Trenching Work

Fire Fighting Service

  • Wet Service
  • Dry Service

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